Chinatungsten`s Agent Services

As the 1st company which dealing tungsten via internet from 1997, Chinatungsten Online, now is a major professional tungsten products manufacturer and ?supplier in the mainland. For promoting other companies who wants to sell its products and /or offer its service to the China’s markets, Chinatugnsten Online with its’? 2 decades experiences and experts staff will be the just one who cam be the nice agent or representative. The products and service it wants to be the agent, Dr. Hanns, the CEO of Chinatungsten said, may include as Tungsten Ores.

Chinatungsten Online is looking forwards to find the partner for importing the tungsten ore ?to The China’s markets, for there’s the largest fining and refining Factories, and the smelting capacity may be 90% all over the world.

Or, Chinatungsten Online would like to be a partner or independent investor for investing to the tungsten mines worldwide especial outside of China.

Anyone who is interested in this business, may contact Chinatungsten Online directly at:

Tel +86 592 512 9595, Fax +86 592 512 9797 or email at [email protected]

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